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The Committee of the “Bal International de Debutantes” is organizing since 1998, the “Bal International de Debutantes”, an original manifestation that has instigated, since its creation, a great interest on a social, cultural and tourist levels, especially that the goal of this event is basically humanitarian and the benefits go to the RED CROSS to all regions of Lebanon.

The Committee “Bal International des Débutantes”, is a non-profit philanthropic organization, established on 1998, by Mrs. Regina Fenianos. It is licensed in the Ministry of Tourism (file number 3918/1 – November 2nd. 1998), The name “Bal International des Débutantes” was registered in the Ministry of Commerce and Economy on September 28th, 2000, under the number 84910, classes 39 and 41.

      Every year, the Debutantes Ball is always under the high patronage of the First Lady of Lebanon and a guest of honor from a Royal Family is invited.

The young participants are carefully selected from all regions of Lebanon to symbolize the national union; others come abroad to represent their country. They are dressed by famous Lebanese stylists as well as by French Haute Couture stylists and many others.

The Members Of The Committee

Members Of The Committee: The members of the Committee are prominent ladies from all sects and regions of the Lebanese society:

Regina Camille FENIANOS

Présidente Fondatrice - Founder President

Latifé Marwan NAKADI

Trésorière - Treasurer

Rosy Najib BOULOS

Relations Publiques - Public Relations

Nada Raja SALAME

Zakié Nadim MAJZOUB




Nada Camille RASSAMNY


Reine Emile PRINCE


The Committee of the International Ball of Debutante has donated since 1998 US $ 117,125 Dollars to several sections of the Lebanese Red Cross. Since 2005, the Committee donated 14 ambulances to several sections of the RED CROSS, all over Lebanon:

  1. 2005, Beirut east section, Achrafieh
  2. 2006, Jounieh
  3. 2007,Antelias - Naccash
  4. Aley
  5. 2009, Akkar
  6. 2010 Shebaa –South Lebanon
  7. 2011 Beirut, west section
  8. 2012 Machghara – West Bekaa
  9. 2013 Damour
  10. 2013 Baabda
  11. 2014 Jezzine
  12. 2015 Kabrechmoun
  13. 2016 Furn El Chebbak
  14. 2017 Tibneen

These ambulances have saved the lives of thousands of Lebanese people all over Lebanon. Each ambulance has made more than thousands trips saving adults and children from all the regions of Lebanon and from all confessions.

With the support of the generous sponsors, the Committee was able to donate an ambulance every year to a region according to the needs of the Red Cross.

This year, the 21stBal International des Debutantes” will take place on Saturday, October 27, 2018 at “Salle des Ambassadeurs” – Casino du Liban, under the patronage of the First Lady and in the presence of a guest of honor.

Our Golden sponsors are requested to go on stage to symbolically offer the ambulance (the ambulance goes on stage) to the Red Cross and receive an award. The Golden sponsors are also present when the committee offers the ambulance to the Red Cross and it is covered by the press.

This important event is covered by a prominent TV station and by the local and international media, and the names of the sponsors are mentioned.

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